Monday, March 31, 2014

Take me Back - Lisbon 2013

Yesterday, I found myself looking at some old pictures of the last Summer. 
Only God knows how much I miss the sun, the heat, how much I miss having quality time with my friends, actually being with them, hanging out, feeling like the time is infinite...
I've been down again, lately. My life gets messy no matter what I do. People always disappoint me again and again. Why do I let this happen? Why do I care so much?

Anyway, looking at those pictures made me remind that things DO get better. And I believe everything's gonna be just fine really soon. Can't wait for Spring break!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sunny Day, Dark Mind



Hello everyone! This past month was a hard one. I had college exams and it was really rough!
But now it is over, and I'm back from a week of vacations in my home town. 

Today was a sunny day in Sal. Me and Joana decided to go to Plaza Mayor for a walk. I actually needed a 60€ Histology book from a library near there. It hurt me so much to give all that money for a book like that. I'd rather have bought some book from, I don't know, John Green or Salinger, J.D or Markus Zusak or Shakespeare... UGH. 

Anyway, me and Joana had to do this challenge for a Portuguese blog that asked to the readers to dress an all-black outfit and sent it and the best one would be posted. And here we have the result.
It was so much fun! I had such a nice time

Love you all, Maria

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Having a Good time in Salamanca

These are some pictures of my first weeks here.
We don't have here the academical spirit that Portugal have (Coimbra, more precisely), but we have a little sample of it, and that was enough for us to fit in and to make friends.

I'm loving this city.
Hope you're all happy too. At least, trying to be. Love, Mia (thay call me this in here! It's cute)